Walia Boilers: Three Decades of Boiler Technology

Thirty years of experience in boiler technology is not a mean accomplishment for a company such as Walia Boilers. Its claim as a leading designer and manufacturer of steam boilers is, therefore, not an unfounded, self-serving statement. We can easily look it up for ourselves to find out that it has the excellent track record to make it at par and even above with other companies in the boiler industry.


Since 1977, Walia Boilers has been able to install more than 1800 boiler systems in various industries throughout the globe, or an average of about 50 installations per year. That should have kept this company busy all month long -- and all week long, for that matter. At that pace alone, we can imagine the dedicated service the company provides for a large country such as India and the rest of the world.  


Walia prides itself for its “distinctive advantage of lowest fuel consumption with economy in operation” of its boilers systems. This has been tested and proven in various industries which include textiles, paper, oil, plywood, rubber and pharmaceuticals. Walia also holds various patents for inventions in boiler technology, such as the world’s first Triple Individual Furnaces (Independent Operation); Three pass, Fully Wet Back designed Stem Boiler and the Twin Furnace Design; Three pass, Wet Back boiler with two Independent flue gas Paths.


The quality of Walia’s products and services assures its clients of the units’ endurance and reliability – qualities which reflect the essential character of the company itself. With its vast experience, its enduring commitment to excellence and its consistent delivery of dependable products, Walia has lived up to its widely recognized reputation and its goal of maintaining its position as a pioneer and leader in boiler technology.


When it comes to boiler technology, Walia Boilers keeps the competition on its toes, even if they are not busy trying to keep in pace.


Source: http://www.abneygreen.com